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Denver Restaurant Week Is Here

Posted on March 1, 2016 by Deana Manzanares (NMLS #1286808).

If you are new to Colorado and the Denver metro area then I’m here to tell you about an  an event you don’t want to miss, it is called Denver Restaurant Week.  It is a week where many of the Denver metro area restaurants participate and you are able to try many of the new and/or popular up and coming restaurants at a reasonable price.  It is $30/pp and includes a three course meal, some even a four course.  This is the best way to experience and try a restaurant you may ordinarily not go to because of the cost.Hillstone

With over 150 menus to choose from this obviously gives you many options, the only thing to worry about it getting your reservation in early. If you are not sure where to begin then I suggest Yelp as a great resource.  Along with the restaurants many of the local hotels will also run specials at the same time, so you can look into have a “staycation” and/or a special date night without having to break the bank. Restaurant week runs Feb 26.th – March 6th and again with many restaurants to choose from and with the price you may be even be able to go to a couple of them.

One thing I will suggest is don’t be too hard on the service when participating in restaurant week because it is usually an extremely busy time for them and as much as they anticipate the volume and try to prepare and staff, it still can sometimes not be enough.  My suggestion would be is to be patient, enjoy the food and if the food is great but service is subpar then I suggest you go back after restaurant week and give the service another chance.

Should you come across a great restaurant be sure to share it with us!


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