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Mortgage Calculator Malfunction

Posted on: June 25th, 2017 by: Tag:, , , , , , , , ,

Looking for a mortgage calculator to give you the magic answer?  What exactly is the magic answer?  The answer you are looking for is seeing how much home you can afford. What amount are you pre-qualified for to purchase? What the mortgage calculator doesn’t give you is the expected interest rate for you. Same for […] …read more

Should I put 20% down to purchase a home?

Posted on: May 27th, 2017 by: Tag:, , , , , , , , , , ,

20% down Vs. 5% down This video was posted three years ago and it is still very relevant in this housing market!  Especially for Denver’s Real Estate market.  With the rate of increase in home values, this is something to consider when deciding on purchasing a home now vs. later. Currently, there are more buyers […] …read more

Everything You Know About What Drives Mortgage Rates Is Wrong

Posted on: May 2nd, 2017 by: Tag:, , , , , , , , , ,

I have to applaud 5280 for writing the article “Everything You Know About Denver’s Real Estate Market Is Wrong“. In this article, Natasha Gardner explores the realities of Denver’s real estate market. She has some good insight provided by some of Denver’s  Real Estate agents. So I have to give her kudos for shedding light […] …read more

Student Loans- Why Paying Them Off Got Easier

Posted on: April 27th, 2017 by: Tag:, , , ,

So here you are. You have owned your home for some time now, and built quite a bit of equity in the house. But you have these student loans that just seem to be going nowhere. So you have thought to yourself, how can I pay them off? What if you could refinance your house […] …read more

Want To Be A Landlord? Check These Hacks On #Landlording

Posted on: April 27th, 2017 by: Tag:, , , , , ,

So you have thought long and hard, are getting prepared to do this! Want to be a landlord? I am putting together a list  of hacks to get you off and running. Of course refer back to my previous blog on How To Get Into Real Estate Investing to freshen up on knowledge. Today, I am […] …read more