Colorado Mortgage Credit Certificate

First time home buyers can claim up to 25%* of the mortgage interest paid each year as a tax credit with a mortgage credit certificate.

Still allowing the remaining mortgage interest, property taxes, and mortgage insurance to be a tax deduction.

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How does the MCC work?

For the life of the loan, MCC holders can claim a dollar-for-dollar credit towards your tax liability. This reduces the amount of federal taxes owed.

By changing your payroll withholdings, increasing your take home pay, buying a home can be much more affordable!

$150,000 at 5.5% fixed rate = $8,200 approx. in interest payments.
With an MCC 30% of $8,200 = $2,460 of the interest payments would be allowed to be taken as a tax credit toward your federal income tax liability.
This would effectively add into your monthly income $136.67 ($2460 / 12 months = $205) when you change your withholdings through work.
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*CHFA 20% & Raymond James for only City & County of Denver 25%