Anti-Racism Resources

Posted on July 1, 2020 by Ray Williams (NMLS #216267).

The professionals at Mortgage Maestro have compiled this article of anti-racism resources in order to raise awareness and further educate our loyal readers. One of the most significant obstacles that deter the progress of racial equality efforts is the unfortunate prevalence of various forms of systemic racism. Systemic racism tends to present itself through institutions […] …read more

Why Is My Mortgage Credit Score Different?

Posted on June 3, 2020 by Ray Williams (NMLS #216267).

Credit scores are one of the first concerns to come up for prospective home buyers and with good reason. Your credit score will play a significant role in the homes you are able to purchase, and the banks that will lend to you and the mortgage interest rates you end up with. Generally, credit scores […] …read more

Mortgage down payments — is more always better?

Posted on May 10, 2020 by Ray Williams (NMLS #216267).

There is a lot to be mindful of before signing your mortgage documents, whether it’s for your first home purchase or your third move in a few years. One of the most common questions we get from our customers at Mortgage Maestro Group is “how much should my down payment be?” There is an assumption […] …read more

Applied for a Mortgage? Beware of Scam Letters

Posted on April 1, 2020 by Ray Williams (NMLS #216267).

When it comes time to purchase a home, refinance your mortgage, or move into a new rental property there is a lot of important information to consider. Large financial decisions are always going to involve a certain amount of tension, but there is also plenty of excitement on these occasions. If you have done any […] …read more

It’s Tax Season! Let’s Talk Mortgage Taxes

Posted on March 1, 2020 by Ray Williams (NMLS #216267).

It’s that time of year again: tax season. Whether you’re dreading the filing process or have already dotted your “i’s” and crossed your “t’s,” the pros here at Mortgage Maestro have compiled some helpful tips that may get you excited to file your taxes! If you’re a homeowner who has ever wondered how to get […] …read more